the science

Modern training techniques, rooted in science

EmBark utilizes the most modern techniques in dog training as research continues to advance our knowledge of how our dogs think and learn. We stay up to date on the most cutting edge methods and skills used by the top dog trainers and behaviorists around the world. Rewards-based training actually changes the way your dog’s brain functions, building connections that release endorphins to create long-lasting behavior change.

EmBark uses our dogs’ natural, innate motivators to build the skills that we want. The science of learning theory has shown us that dogs learn through associations built through repetition. By understanding how our dogs think, we can build skills and behaviors that are firmly rooted in a history of success and habit, resulting in a dog who works with you because they want to. They love spending time with you, because you are a human who puts them in situations that set them up for success that they can feel good about.

EmBark’s daily skills practice and games will leave your dog full satiety, mentally and physically, eager and ready for more fun. Your dog will look to you for direction and connection, trusting in the steady partnership cultivated through time and patience.

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